Pelupessy, Jaya – Set, Put, Run



Tekst: Simon Winchester

Uitvoering: Paperback 

Aantal pagina’s: 128

Illustraties: Kleur en zwart-wit

Uitgever: Fw: Books, 2016

Taal: Engels

Staat: Als nieuw

Jaya Pelupessy uses photography to investigate the medium’s status. Central to his work are the processes that lead to autonomous images; an examination of to what extent the process itself and the visibility of that process strengthens, invalidates, or delivers new autonomous images. Countless “loops” within his own work emerge, within which reproductions are again reproduced. For this publication, produced in collaboration with graphic designer Hans Gremmen, the making of the book is taken as a starting point. Through a process that entails using five cameras and immediate processing, a document with unexpectedly combined layers is created.