Mulders, Marc – Dauw/Dew



Tekst: Hans den Hartog Jager e.a.

Uitvoering: Gebonden 

Aantal pagina’s: 192

Illustraties: Zwart-wit

Uitgever: Nai Uitgevers/Publishers, 2005

Taal: Nederlands/Engels

Staat: Als nieuw

Marc Mulders (Tilburg, 1958) is well-known for his still lifes showing flowers and dead creatures such as hares, fish and birds. His paintings follow the pattern of the seasons. In spring and summer he depicts irises, parrot tulips, lilies and sunflowers; in autumn and winter he turns to hares or fish, deer that have been killed, or the exposed innards of a dead ox.
He applies the paint thickly, so as it were penetrating to the heart of a flower, the essence of the hare or the deer. In his work he tries to show his reaction to the awesome and astonishing nature of creation.
This richly-illustrated publication presents an overview of the major works from Marc Mulders’s oeuvre. For the first time in a book on his work, his watercolours and stained-glass windows come up for discussion. There are three provocative essays reviewing different aspects of Mulders’s art, written by Dutch art critic Hans dan Hartog Jager, Dutch art historian Wilma Suto and prizewinning Dutch author Willem Jan Otten.