Hugo, Pieter – PH & HBA (Signed edition)


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Tekst: Pieter Hugo

Uitvoering: Paperback

Aantal pagina’s: 56

Illustraties: Kleur

Uitgever: See W, 2016

Taal: Engels

Formaat: 37,5 x 29 cm

Staat: Goed

Gesigneerde uitgave

In collaboration with fashion label Hood by Air. Limited edition of 500 copies only. Designed by Joseph Burrin.

In early 2016, Pieter Hugo shot a series of portraits of a street cast wearing seminal pieces of the HBA archive. The cast included male porn stars and Gully Queens, a vilified gay community in Kingston who live in a gully (or drain) beneath the city. The book includes an in-conversation essay between Hugo and Carlos Nazario, collaborator on the project and a long time collaborator and friend of Hood by Air`s founder Shayne Oliver.