Dagmar Kolatschny – Sunny



Tekst: Alfred Döblin (uit: Berlin Alexanderplatz)

Uitvoering: Paperback 

Aantal pagina’s: 80

Illustraties: Kleur

Uitgever: Peperoni Books, 2014

Taal: Engels/Duits

Staat: Als nieuw

Sunlight’s subtle manifestations, both indoors and outside, are the subject of this photobook by Berlin-based artist Dagmar Kolatschny. Here she explores the tremendous contrast between the sun as the life-giving force of our planet, an incomprehensibly powerful engine pouring its energy into space, and our perception of its often delicate and ethereal presence. She searches out and captures those easily overlooked moments, from oblique orthogonal shapes cast on an interior wall and glistening water droplets on glass, to a hazy pillar of light descending from an opening in the roof. Even the coloured refractions of light on the camera lens have a place here.