Dibbets, Jan – Catalogue Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1987



Tekst: Marcel Vos e.a.

Uitvoering: Gebonden

Aantal pagina’s: 156

Illustraties: Kleur en zwart-wit

Uitgever: Rizzoli, 1987

Taal: Engels

Staat: Redelijk

Catalogus bij de tentoonstelling in het Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1987

Dibbets takes pictures of the surface of water, car bodies, leaf structures and upper portions of building interiors. Then he rearranges these photographs into shapes and sequences. The “photo constructions” of this Dutch conceptual artist explore the conflicts, ambiguities and limits of human perception. The first U.S. retrospective of his work will soon tour nationally. This catalogue, and the exhibit, will give viewers the chance to judge whether his pictures are slick optical tricks or revealing meditations. In one series, photos are spliced into circular re-creations of 360-degree views of ceilings and architectural interiors. His “Perspective Corrections” deal with the illusion of depth on a flat plane. Sequential photographs examine the passage of time and changes in light.